new chazzman mix

listen to this cool new mix by chazzman

100% vinyl-loving, body moving action!!!



bachstreet night

Right now i’m on my way to the kassablanca in jena. We’re gonna have our very first official bachstreet night. With me on the decks is irks üwel and lekande will spoil us with his extraordinary live but real live performance! It starts at eleven, and will last till somewhere in the not so early morning. Come and join us!



to keep up with all the releases that come up really takes time. even when you’re just scanning certain genres, an even when you leave out the masses of digital trash. but the even harder part is the selection, if you only can spend your money on a small number of records. good to have weeks, where only a few pieces need to be bought, but right now it’s crazy how much good stuff is arriving. it’s a tough time in the record shop when you have to leave records becaus of your budget. here is an assembly of a couple of my latest picks, and of one i didn’t buy

Hubble – Floating Souls – that’s the one i didn’t buy 😉 you need to listen completly, the one-thirty preview will only to be able to give a small peek. overwhelming tracks, with al little drone attitude!


and the attjazz remix is even better, more subtle and for other places than the primetime club


really nice an warm house track


soulful garage with a hous feeling

all this reminds me of a time in late january, where i had a similar situation. thats when i recorded this mix to make something useful of it. download and enjoy!


greetings lion!


Tunes at the Beach

Seems like our Compilation found some appreciation. We’re kindly invited by our friends from Strand22 to make the first Bachstreet-Venue ever. Despite the recent parties we were involved this evening will feature nothing but Bachstreet-Style, hopefully including a nice live performance by Lekande! New waves are approaching, come on board…

Saturday, 2nd July, 19h

Chazzman, Irks Ãœwel & Lekande

Thanks to our friends at Strand22 who will also provide you with a possibility to acquire the compilation!


the compilation is now available at fatplastics. the cover artwork is completely handmade an of individual colour, so we’ll have one for all likes. thank you for  showing respect, and not sharing our music on the internet!

almost done

we are in heavy ‘mass production’, tomorrow is the day, and we will be ready…!

where you can find a couple of nice and quite different dj-mixes, updated once a week!

elvis has left the podcast


7 days to go…

last preparations are being made, last changes in the mixes, and layout. so on monday or tuesday, we’ll start ‘production’!


here is the first official teaser – check it out!